Two Great Americanists

Excerpt: Diamond and Storing were associated with conservative politics, and both largely accepted that description of their views. But we must recall that both died in 1977 (another of those amazing coincidences of history), before Reagan Republicanism came… More

What Is an American Conservative?

– Patrick J. Deneen, The American Conservative, October 9, 2013.
Excerpt: Earlier this week I began a series of lectures in one of my classes on the thought of the Anti-Federalists. I began by echoing some of the conclusions of the great compiler and interpreter of the Anti-Federalist writings, Herbert Storing, whose… More

The Constitutional Liberty of the Antifederalists

– Gordon Lloyd, Library of Law and Liberty, March 3, 2013.
Excerpt: Herbert Storing shifts the issue from faith to reason and thus invites us to judge whether or not the Antifederalists warnings about the potentiality of the Constitution make sense. Storing argues that the Antifederalists are relevant, but… More

Recovering, Restoring, and Renewing the Foundations of American Public Administration: The Contributions of Herbert J. Storing

– Morgan, D. F., Kirwan, K. A., Rohr, J. A., Rosenbloom, D. H. and Schaefer, D. L., in Public Administration Review 70, no. 4 (July/August 2010), 621–33.
Abstract: Public administration continues to face an identity crisis that turns on the question of whether the animating principles of the discipline are to be discovered in the political foundations of a given regime, or whether they are to be found in more… More

Remembering Herbert Storing by Walter Berns

– Walter Berns, in Democracy and the Constitution: Landmarks of Contemporary Political Thought (Washington, DC: AEI Press, 2006).
Almost thirty years have passed since Robert Goldwin called from Washington and said that Herbert Storing had died. I must have uttered a cry, because my wife, who was across the room, rose up startled; I then broke into tears. How else does one hear the news… More

Herbert Storing on the Problem of Democracy by Joseph Bessette

– Joseph Bessette, Political Science Reviewer 29 (2000).
Excerpt: In July of 1977 (less than two months before his death) Herbert Storing made one of his very few forays into the public policy arena by testifying before the U.S. Senate against replacing the electoral college with the direct popular election of… More

Herbert Storing’s Constitutionalism by Ralph Rossum

– Ralph Rossum, Political Science Reviewer 29 (2000).
Excerpt: Only weeks before his death, Herbert J. Storing served as a discussant on a panel at the 1977 annual meeting of the American Political Science Association entitled “Whatever Happened to the Constitution in the Study of Constitutional… More

Storing’s Turn to the American Founding by Michael Zuckert

 Michael Zuckert, Political Science Reviewer 29 (2000).
Excerpt: Had Herbert Storing lived the proverbial three score and ten years he would almost certainly be recognized as one of the leading, perhaps, the very leading scholar on the founding of the second half of the twentieth century. As it happened, his… More

A Symposium on Herbert J. Storing

– Joseph Bessette, Political Science Reviewer 29 (2000), 2–7.
Abstract: This article introduces a group of essays on Herbert J. Storing and his works. The essays cover his approaches to the American founding, American constitutionalism, the problematic nature of democracy, the moral community, and the Presidency.

An American Scholar by Jeremy Rabkin

– Jeremy Rabkin, Public Interest, Spring 1996.
Excerpt: Herbert Storing was probably the outstanding scholar of the American Founding of the past generation. Before he died in 1977—of a heart attack at the age of 49—he had completed most of the work on a fully annotated, seven-volume collection of… More

Herbert Storing and the Study of Constitutional Law

– Peter Schultz and Gary L. McDowell, Teaching Political Science (1985).
Abstract: Herbert Storing taught students at the University of Chicago about the Constitution by using a textual rather than the usual thematic basis. Students read, discussed, and analyzed the entire Constitution. This textual approach serves to undermine… More

No to Leviathan

– M.E. Bradford, National Review, September 17, 1982.
Review of The Complete Anti-Federalist.

Against the Union

– Leonard W. Levy, New York Times, February 21, 1982.
Excerpt: Storing’s ”The Complete Anti-Federalist” is a work of magnificent scholarship, the first collection to include all of the substantial Anti-Federalist writings unabridged and in accurate text. Publication of these volumes is a civic… More