Storing’s Turn to the American Founding by Michael Zuckert

 Michael Zuckert, Political Science Reviewer 29 (2000).


Had Herbert Storing lived the proverbial three score and ten years he would almost certainly be recognized as one of the leading, perhaps, the very leading scholar on the founding of the second half of the twentieth century. As it happened, his untimely death prevented him from completing what would surely have been a series of outstanding and path-breaking studies. He lived to publish only a fraction of what his many years of study had taught him about the founding, but of course even that fraction amounts to a very substantial achievement. His work on the Anti-Federalists sets the standard on the subject. But the Anti-Federalists, he thought, fell short of their opponents, and the absence of a sustained work by Storing on the order of What the Anti-Federalists Were For on the victors of 1789 is a loss never to be repaired.

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