The Benardete Memorial Service

N.Y.U. memorial service for Seth Benardete, Feb. 1, 2002. Copyright 2003 by The Benardete Archive Inc. Speakers included Harvey Mansfield, Ronna Burger, Michael Davis, Victor Gourevitch, José Benardete, and others.

Memorial speeches in honor of Seth Benardete. Speakers included:

Matthew S. Santirocco
Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences
Angelo J. Ranieri Director of Ancient Studies
Professor of Classics, New York University

Michèle Lowrie
Associate Professor and Acting Chair of Classics
New York University

Richard J. Bernstein
Vera List Professor and Chair of Philosophy
Graduate Faculty of New School University

Harvey Mansfield
William R. Kenan Professor of Government
Harvard University

Ronna Burger
Professor and Chair of Philosophy
Tulane University

José Benardete
Professor of Philosophy
Syracuse University

Holly Haynes
Assistant Professor of Classics
New York University

Michael Davis
Professor of Philosophy
Sarah Lawrence College

Victor Gourevitch
William Griffin Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
Wesleyan University