Lectures in the History of Political Thought

Michael Oakeshott, Lectures in the History of Political Thought. Thorverton: Imprint Academic, 2006.

Oakeshott’s memorable lectures on the history of political thought, delivered each year at the London School of Economics, will now be available in print for the first time. Based on manuscripts in the LSE archive for 1966–67, the last year of Oakeshott’s tenure as Professor of Political Science, these thirty lectures deal with Greek, Roman, mediaeval, and modern European political thought in a uniquely accessible manner. Scholars familiar with Oakeshott’s work will recognize his own ideas subtly blended with an exposition carefully crafted for an undergraduate audience; those discovering Oakeshott for the first time will find an account of the subject that remains illuminating and provocative.

“What I have to offer you in these lectures is best described as a study to political thought, or aids to the study of political thought. In the main, it will be an historical study.” Michael Oakeshott, introduction, Lectures in the History of Political Thought.

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