Mark Blitz on Contemporary Liberalism vs. Natural Rights Liberalism

- "Mark Blitz on The American Mind" hosted by Charles Kesler, May, 2014.
On this episode of the “American Mind,” Mark Blitz compares contemporary liberalism (perhaps best articulated in the thought of John Rawls) and the natural rights liberalism of thinkers like John Locke.

Professor Tamar Gendler: Equality

- YaleCourses, YouTube, uploaded September 26, 2012.
In a Yale Open Course lecture, Professor Gendler explores John Rawls’ central claims: that “justice is the first virtue of social institutions,” and that the just society is that which rational and self-interested individuals would choose for themselves… More

Thomas Pogge on John Rawls

- Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, YouTube, uploaded on January 19, 2012.
Thomas Pogge describes what it was like to study under John Rawls.

Professor Ian Shapiro: Distributive Justice and the Welfare State

- Yale Course, YouTube, uploaded on April 6, 2011.
00:00 – Chapter 1. Principle of Justice I: Distribution of Liberties 04:46 – Chapter 2. Principle of Justice IIb: Fair Equality of Opportunity 09:16 – Chapter 3. Principle of Justice IIa: Incomes and Wealth 23:21 – Chapter 4.… More

Professor Ian Shapiro: The Rawlsian Social Contract

- Yale Courses, YouTube, uploaded on April 6, 2011.
Moral Foundations of Politics (PLSC 118) The next and final Enlightenment tradition to be examined in the class is that of John Rawls, who, according to Professor Shapiro, was a hugely important figure not only in contemporary political philosophy, but also… More

Hayek and Buchanan: Rawls, Egalitarianism and Social Justice

- FreeToChooseNetwork, YouTube,  uploaded on August 24, 2010.
In this archival footage from Free To Choose Network, James Buchanan and Friedrich Hayek discuss the meaning of the term “social justice”. Hayek concludes that John Rawls erred in his distributive scheme and that the term social justice has no… More