John Rawls

Alan Ryan, “John Rawls,” in Quentin Skinner, ed., The Return of Grand Theory in the Human Sciences (Cambridge University Press, 1985).

From the Publisher:

The past quarter of a century has seen dramatic developments in social and political thought. These essays offer an indispensable introduction to some of the most influential amongst them. Quentin Skinner’s Introduction traces broad transformations such as the erosion of empiricist assumptions and the undermining of the positivist ideal of the unification of the sciences by the impact of foreign traditions on English-speaking social science. The essays themselves discuss major figures such as Gadamer, Derrida, Foucault, Habermas, Althusser and Levi-Strauss, giving valuably lucid introductory studies of some difficult but unquestionably major thinkers of our time. Professor Skinner has been awarded the Balzan Prize Life Time Achievement Award for Political Thought, History and Theory.

List of contributors
1. Introduction: The Return of Grand Theory Quentin Skinner
2. Hans-Georg Gadamer by William Outhwaite
3. Jacques Derrida by David Hoy
4. Michel Foucault by Mark Philp
5. Thomas Kuhn by Barry Barnes
6. John Rawls by Alan Ryan
7. Jurgen Habermas by Anthony Giddens
8. Louis Althusser by Susan James
9. Claude Levi-Strauss by James Boon
10. The Annales historians by Stuart Clark
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