Lord Keynes Dies of Heart Attack

"Lord Keynes Dies of Heart Attack." New York Times. April 22, 1946.


John Maynard Lord Keynes, distinguished economist, whose work for restoring the economic structure of a world twice shattered by war brought him world-wide influence, died of a heart attack today at his home in Firle, Sussex. His age was 63.

Exhausted by the strain of the International Monetary Conference at Savannah, Ga., he returned to Britain a fortnight ago, tired and ill. Lady Keynes was with her husband at his death.

Lord Keynes was ill when he returned in December from the financial talks in the United States on a loan to Britain. Noted as a political and social economist who influenced both specialists and general public, his name was linked with that of Adam Smith. He was a protagonist of the theory that makes full employment the overriding aim of financial policy.

New York Times