Keynesianism vs. Monetarism: And Other Essays in Financial History

Kindleberger, Charles P. Keynesianism vs. Monetarism: And Other Essays in Financial History. London: Routledge, 1985.

Table of Contents:


Part 1: Keynesianism vs Monetarism

1. Was Adam Smith a Monetarist or a Keynesian?

2. Michel Chevalier (1806-1879), the Economic de Tocqueville

3. Keynesianism vs. Monetarism in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century France

Part 2: Compare and Contrast

4. Financial Institutions and Economic Development: A Comparison of Great Britain and France in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

5. Integration of Financial Markets: The British and French Experience

6. British Financial Reconstruction, 1815-22 and 1918-25

7. The International Monetary Politics of Near-Great Power: Two French Episodes, 1926-1936 and 1960-1970

8. Collective Memory vs. Rational Expectations: Some Historical Puzzles in Macro-Economic Behaviour

Part 3: Historical Models

9. The Cyclical Pattern of Long-Term Lending

10. Key Currencies and Financial Centres

11. The Financial Aftermath of War

12. Historical Perspective on Today’s Third-World Debt Problem  Part 4: The Nineteenth Century

13. International Monetary Reform in the Nineteenth Century

14. International Propagation of Financial Crises: The Experience of 1888-93

15. Sweden in 1850 as an ‘Impoverished Sophisticate’: Comment

Part 5: The Twentieth Century

16. A Structural View of the German Inflation

17. The International Causes and Consequences of the Great Crash

18. The 1929 World Depression in Latin America – From the Outside

19. Keynesianism vs. Monetarism in the 1930s Depression and Recovery

20. Banking and Industry Between the Two Wars: An International Comparison

21. 1929: Ten Lessons for Today