Essays on John Maynard Keynes

Milo Keynes (ed.). Essays on John Maynard Keynes. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 1980.

From Cambridge University Press:

The twenty-eight essays in this fascinating and important collection may be divided into three groups: the first is concerned with Keynes’s early life and his relations with “Bloomsbury” and Cambridge, the second with his major contributions to economics and to British and world affairs (written for the general reader as well as for economists), and the third deals with various aspects of his life and work which reveal the immense range of his intellectual and other interests. The book is, in effect, a biography by many authors.


Table of Contents:




Chronology and Bibliography


Part I:

1. Maynard and Lydia Keynes Milo Keynes

2. A personal view Austin Robinson

3. A private view by a Cabinet Minister, 1919 Earl of Crawford and Balcarres

4. The early years Geoffrey Keynes

5. The undergraduate C. R. Fay

6. The Kingsman George Rylands

7. On loving Lydia Richard Buckle

8. The Bloomsbury Group Paul Levy

Part II:

9. The influence of Keynes on the economics of his time D. E. Moggridge

10. The Keynesian Revolution James Meade

11. The reception of the Keynesian Revolution Robert Skidelsky

12. Keynes and British economics Harry G. Johnson

13. What has become of the Keynesian Revolution? Joan Robinson

14. How Keynes came to America John Kenneth Galbraith

15. Keynes and the finance of the First World War N. H. Dimsdale

16. J. M. Keynes at the Paris Peace Conference Howard Elcock

17. Economic policy in the Second World War D. E. Moggridge

18. Bretton Woods Richard N. Gardner

Part III:

19. The international negotiator F. G. Lee

20. Keynes in the City Nicholas Davenport

21. Keynes and economic history Charles Wilson

22. Keynes as a philosopher R. B. Braithwaite

23. Maynard Keynes as a teacher A. F. W. Plumptre

24. Maynard Keynes as a biographer David Garnett

25. The concept of the Arts Council Mary Glasgow

26. The Cambridge Arts Theatre Norman Higgins

27. The picture collector Richard Shone with Duncan Grant

28. The book collector A. N. L. Munby


Cambridge University Press