Irving Kristol’s Capitalism

- Audio recording, Tikvah Fund, July 16, 2014.
To understand Irving Kristol’s defense and critique of capitalism, National Affairs editor Yuval Levin breaks down Kristol’s 1970 essay “‘When virtue loses all her loveliness’—some reflections on capitalism and ‘the free… More

Irving Kristol: “The Neoconservative Persuasion”

- (Interview of William Kristol by David Brooks), Book TV, C-SPAN 2, February 11, 2011.
Mr. Kristol, who wrote the foreword to “The Neoconservative Persuasion,” discusses his late father’s essays on the history of the neoconservative movement. While the essays cover politics extensively, Irving Kristol also presents a… More

The Neoconservative Persuasion: A Tribute to Irving Kristol

- Audio, Video and Transcript.  A Hudson Institute panel, February 2, 2011.
As conservatives try once again to re-envision America’s future and how to secure it, the publication of this volume of previously uncollected essays by Irving Kristol, “the godfather of neoconservativism,” could not be timelier. The fifty essays,… More

Arguing the World

- "Arguing the World" (A documentary), written and directed by Joseph Dorman, January 7, 1998.

Machiavelli for Moderns

- "Machiavelli for Moderns" (An introduction to an AEI lecture by Michael Ledeen), May 12, 1997.

Charlie Rose

- "Charlie Rose" (An interview), PBS, September 21, 1995.


- "Booknotes" (An interview with Brian Lamb), September 5, 1995.

Magazines & American Politics

- "Magazines & American Politics" (A symposium of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University), February 27, 1995.