Interview with R. Emmett Tyrrell

Interview with R. Emmett Tyrrell, The Alternative, May 1969.


TYRRELL: Is the new left really that new? Where did it come from?

KRISTOL: Well, what is new about the new left is its identification of a political mythology with a generational mythology. The major difference between the new left and the old left is that the new left is a left of young people. The old left had young people in it, but it was an adult movement — led by adults, defined by adults, organized by adults, with a program written by adults. What really is new about the new left is not any particular ideology — the fact is that it is somewhat more anarchist and less bolshevik, that doesn’t matter, we’ve had anarchist movements in the past. What is distinctive about the new left is that it is a generational movement as well as a political movement.

The American Spectator