Irving Kristol: The “Universal Resource”

Tevi Troy, "Irving Kristol: The 'Universal Resource'," The Corner blog, National Review, September 21, 2009.


Goldwin was not the only White House staffer enamored of Kristol. Then–deputy chief of staff Dick Cheney was a fan as well, and he wrote in a memo to Goldwin, “I greatly appreciate receiving the stuff you’ve been sending me. . . . Anything that comes in from Kristol or others, I’d love to see.” At one point, Goldwin even suggested “that an effort be made to find a high-level position in the White House or Administration for Kristol, so that we have the benefit of his intelligence and expressive abilities in a full-time basis.” The Nixon White House had earlier entertained a similar idea. Neither position materialized, though, likely because of Kristol’s vow never again to work for a large organization. Still, Goldwin and the Ford White House continued to rely on him as what Goldwin called the “Universal Resource.”

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