Toward a More Perfect Union: Writings of Herbert J. Storing

Edited by Joseph M. Bessette.  Washington: The AEI Press, 1995.

Table of Contents:

Foreward  Joseph Cropsey
1.  Editor’s Introduction  Joseph M. Bessette

Part One: Constitutional Foundations
2.  The Constitutional Convention: Toward a More Perfect Union
3.  Federalists and Anti-Federalists: The Ratification Debate
4.  The “Other” Federalist Papers: A Preliminary Sketch
5.  The Constitution and the Bill of Rights

Part Two: Slavery and Race in American Politics
6.  Slavery and the Moral Foundations of the American Republic
7.  Frederick Douglass
8.  The School of Slavery: A Reconsideration of Booker T. Washington
9.  What Country Have I?  Political Writings by Black Americans

Part Three: Rights, the Rule of Law, and the Public Interest
10.  William Blackstone
11.  The Case against Civil Disobedience
12.  Interest Groups and the Public Interest (with Peter Self)
13.  The Crucial Link: Public Administration, Responsibility, and the Public Interest

Part Four: Public Administration, Bureaucracy, and Big Government
14.  The Problem of Big Government
15.  Political Parties and the Bureaucracy
16.  Leonard D. White and the Study of Public Administration
17.  The Role of Government in Society

Part Five: The Presidency and Statesmanship
18.  The Creation of the Presidency
19.  The Presidency and the Constitution
20.  A Plan for Studying the Presidency
21.  In Defense of the Electoral College
22.  American Statesmanship: Old and New

Part Six: Liberal Education and the Study of Politics
23.  Liberal Education and the Common Man
24.  The “Chicago School” of Political Science
25.  The Achievement of Leo Strauss

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