Armen A. Alchian interviews Friedrich A. Hayek (2 parts)

The Hayek Interviews, Universidad Francisco Marroquín, November 11, 1978.

In this interview focusing on Hayek’s personal life, the importance of early academic experiences in his life are explored. Once in academia, his popular seminar and some of his colleagues are discussed. His methods of composition of essays and his ability to give spontaneous lectures are delved into. Hayek’s reflects on Keynes’s work, noting that he felt that Keynes did not have a firm grasp of economics. Further, the use of price signals in coordinating the economy, as well as the governmental origin of inflation is talked about. On a more personal level, Hayek talks about his family, including children and his marriages. Finally, Hayek describes a moral question he has had in his past, and its effects to the present.

The Hayek Interviews