A Self-Generating Order for Society

“A Self-Generating Order for Society.” In John Nef (ed.), Towards World Community. The Hague, 1968.


“It is very difficult to know where to begin when one would wish to comment on almost every preceding speaker. I am particularly tempted to make some remarks on the problem of the differences or similarities of the methods of the exact sciences and the social sciences which have been raised several times, and their implications for policy. But I will refrain from attacking even this problem systematically, although it has been one of my main concerns for years, and try to develop what seems to me the central point of our concern, the point which I would hardly have dared to raise if Jim Douglas had not succeeded in stating briefly, in three minutes, what I thought could not be stated in three hours. But I will make my starting point what he said, and if you think at first that what I say has no direct relevance to what has been said before, I hope you will later see that it is connected with most of the problems so far discussed.”