Personal Recollections of Keynes and the ‘Keynesian Revolution’

“Personal Recollections of Keynes and the ‘Keynesian Revolution’.” The Oriental Economist 34 (Tokyo, January 1966).


“Even to those who knew Keynes but could never bring themselves to accept his monetary theories, and at times thought his pronouncements somewhat irresponsible, the personal impression of the man remains unforgettable. And especially to my generation (he was my senior by sixteen years) he was a hero long before he achieved any real fame as an economic theorist. Was he not the man who had had the courage to protest against the economic clauses of the peace treaties of 1919? We admired the brilliantly written books for their outspokenness and independence of thought, even though some older and more acute thinkers at once pointed out certain theoretical flaws in his argument. And those of us who had the good fortune to meet him personally soon experienced the magnetism of the brilliance conversationalist with his wide range of interests and his bewitching voice.”