Nature vs. Nurture Once Again

“Nature vs. Nurture Once Again.” A comment on C. D. Darlington, The Evolution of Man and Society, London, 1962 in Encounter (February 1971).


“After his authoritative Genetics and Man, Dr. C.D. Darlington has now given us a magnificent account of The Evolution of Man and Society. This monumental work is bound to have great influence on many who will never trouble to study the former. What is here brought together on the origin of cultivation of plants and animals, the effects of disease, the significance of blood groups, the recurrent destruction by man of the environment from which he draws his sustenance is a veritable treasure house of fascinating information. If Prof. Max Beloff had not already given here a full account of the scope of the work, I should not wish to turn to criticism before dwelling at length on the merits of this contribution of a biologist to the understanding of history.”

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