The London School of Economics 1895–1945

“The London School of Economics 1895–1945.” Economica N.S. 13 (February 1946): 1–31.


“In October, 1945, the London School of Economics and Political Science completed its 50th year. It had been hoped that this event would be marked by the publication of a full history of the School, which would have made an interesting contribution to the history of the country during the period when many of the ideas derived from the group of men and women associated with the school helped to change the character of British society. But although some material had already been collected for this end, it has proved impossible during the war to go on with the plan, and the full history must wait for a mower propitious moments. For the time being the following brief sketch, which uses merely the material readily available and is written at a time when many of the important documents are not yet brought back from their wartime depository, will have to serve as a substitute.”