Leftist Foreign Correspondent

“Leftist Foreign Correspondent.” The Freeman 3 (January 12, 1953): 275.


“The editorial comments of The Freeman on the apparent professional bias of foreign correspondents tempt me to set down on paper some observations which have long puzzled me. Why should foreign correspondents almost everywhere tend to have a strong leftist bias? According to my experience, this is much too universal a phenomenon to be explained by accident, the circumstances of their selection, or the type of men available for this job. It seemed to be true where ever I have had an opportunity to watch their activity. It was true of the Western correspondents in Vienna in the twenties when the representatives of the most staid conservative English and American papers usually sympathized with the more extreme groups of the left. It was again conspicuous in England in the thirties and forties when the information which Continental and American correspondence sent home appeared to come predominantly from the left wing of the English intelligentsia. And the comments of the Freeman on the reporting of the presidential election confirm my suspicion that the same is largely true of European correspondents in this country.”

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