The Ideals of Economic Freedom: A Liberal Inheritance

“The Ideals of Economic Freedom: A Liberal Inheritance,” in The Owl (London 1951), pp. 7–12.


“At the end of the First World War the spiritual tradition of liberalism was all but dead. True, it was still uppermost in the thoughts of many a leading figure of public and business life, many of whom belonged to a generation which took liberal thought for granted. Their public pronouncements sometimes led the general public to believe that a return to a liberal economy was the ultimate goal desired by the majority of leading men. But the intellectual forces at work had begun to point in quite a different direction. Anyone familiar, thirty years ago, with the thoughts of the coming generation and especially with the views propounded to students in their universities, could foresee developments very different from those still hoped for by some of the public figures and the press of the time. There was no longer, at that time, a living world of liberal thoughts which could have fired the imagination of the young.”

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