Economic Planning in Soviet Russia

Boris Brutzkus. Economic Planning in Soviet Russia. Edited and prefaced by Friedrich A. Hayek. London: George Routledge & Sons, 1935; xvii, 234 pp.

From a review:

These two volumes, together with a translation (yet to appear) of Mises’ Die Gemeinwirtschaft, constitute a formidable counterattack by laissez-faire on all forms of planning, and in particular on socialism. The economic impossibility of socialism is held to follow as a direct corollary of economic theory. Economic theory deduces surgeon general laws or (in Prof. Hayek’s words) “inherent necessities determined by the permanent nature of the constituting elements” of the economic problems; and since “the economic problem arises as soon as different purposes compete for the available resources,” any economic society must be ruled by such “general laws.”

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