Economic Conditions of Inter-State Federation

“Economic Conditions of Inter-State Federation.” New Commonwealth Quarterly 5 (London, 1939).


“It is rightly regarded as one of the great advantages of inter-state federation that it would do away with the impediments as to the movement of men, goods, and capital between the states and that would render possible the creation of common rules of law, a uniform monetary system, and common control of communications. The material benefits that would spring from the creation of so large and economic area can hardly be overestimated, and appears to be taken for granted that economic union and political union would be combined as a matter of course. But, since it will have to be argued here that the establishment of economic union will set very definite limitations to the realization of widely cherished ambitions, we must begin by showing why the abolition of economic barriers between the members of the Federation is not only a welcome concomitant  but also an indispensable condition for the achievements of the main purpose of Federation.”

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