Professor Hayek on German Socialism

Heimann, E. “Professor Hayek on German Socialism.” The American Economic Review. 35 (1945): 935–937.


Mr. Hoselitz’s criticism of  Hayek’s chapter XII—or rather of his pages 168 and 169—is right as far as it goes. Bebel’s utterance was ironical; why else should he and his party have voted against the appropriations for the army in the Reichstag year after year? Just as dogmatic and unanalyzed as was the party’s  believe in the socialization of the means of production as a domestic panacea was its belief in free trade and in the international scene. It was no exaggeration to say that in all international questions, political and economic, the party blindly follow their radical, dogmatic liberalism. The trouble is that Hayek has missed documents and arguments which would have made his criticism much stronger. Three of them may be briefly suggested.”