Hayek’s Critique of Reason

Miller, Eugene F. “Hayek's Critique of Reason.” Modern Age 20, no. 4 (Fall 1976): 383–394.


“My essay will examine what I take to be the foundation of Hayek’s thoughts, namely, the accounts he gives of human knowledge. There is ample evidence that his work in the special sciences—logic, psychology, ethics, politics and economics—is intended to rest on an epistemological foundation. Hayek relates that as a young man, he had been uncertain whether to become an economist or a psychologist. In the course of his early studies in theoretical psychology, he formulated the principles that would be developed more fully 30 years later in The Sensory Order —a work which, although largely neglected by Hayek’s interpreters, offers the most systematic and detailed formulation of his epistemology.”

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