Monetary Nationalism and International Stability

Geneva, 1937; London: Longmans, Green (The Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, Publication Number 18), 1937, xiv, 94 pp. Reprinted New York: Augustus M. Kelley, 1964, 1971, 1974.

From Preface:

“The five lectures which are here reproduced are necessarily confined to certain aspects of the wide subject indicated by the title. They are printed essentially as they were delivered and, as is explained in the first lecture, limitation of time made it necessary to choose between discussing the concrete problems of the present policy of Monetary Nationalism and concentrating on the broader theoretical issues on which the decision between an international standard and independent national currencies must be based. … It appeared to me more important to use the time available to discuss the general ideas which are mainly responsible for the rise of Monetary Nationalism and to which it is mainly due that policies and practices which not long ago would have been frown upon by all responsible financial experts, are now generally employed throughout the world.”

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