Walter Berns on C-SPAN Booknotes

Interview with Walter Berns on his book Making Patriots by Brian Lamb, Booknotes, C-SPAN, August 19, 2001.


BRIAN LAMB, HOST: Walter Berns, where did you get the idea of writing a book called Making Patriots?
Professor WALTER BERNS (Author, Making Patriots): Where did I get the idea? I suppose when I began to reflect on such things as pa–parades in the city of Chicago when I was a youth and I began to think that there are more patriots and–receiving a better patriotic education when I was young than young people are today, and I began to reflect on the–the absence of any kind of patriotic education in the universities where I spent most of my life. That’s an answer.
LAMB: How long were you in Chicago?
Prof. BERNS: Well, I was born in Chicago a long time ago. As I say in the book, one of my earliest memories was watching patriotic parades on Memorial Day on Michigan Avenue. And to give you an idea how old I am, I can remember the survivors of the Indian army walking down Michigan Avenue, struggling down Michigan Avenue with their standards and the–the bands playing and so forth. That–that was, you know, in–in the late 1920s. There were still soldiers alive at that time.

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