When Men Are the Prey of Women

Washington Times, October 25, 1994.


In 1971, the Supreme Court told us that “one man’s vulgarity is another’s lyric,” but nowadays a man’s vulgarity is more likely to be seen as sexual harassment that — unlike flag-burning, another of the unsavory ways some men express themselves — is a federal offense.

According to law professor Catherine MacKinnon, sexual harassment was “one of the most pervasive but carefully┬áignored features of our national life.” No longer; thanks to Miss MacKinnon and her feminist allies, punishing it or, to be exact, punishing the vulgar man’s employer, has become an important part of the government’s business. But another pervasive feature of our national life is that women have become as vulgar as men. Thus far, however, the courts and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, have chosen to ignore it.

American Enterprise Institute