Constitutionalism: Old and New

The Liberal Tradition in Focus: Problems and New Perspectives, João Carlos Espada, Marc F. Plattner, and Adam Wolfson, eds. (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2000), 17–26.

The Liberal Tradition in Focus is a collection of essays by prominent scholars in their fields on the nature of liberalism at the close of the twentieth century. Using a variety of analytical and substantive approaches, the authors compare the “old liberalism” of Locke, Smith, Hume, and Montesquieu to the variety of “new liberalisms” of thinkers such as Rawls, Dworkin, and Foucault. Each chapter of this engaging volume takes up a particular theme democracy, capitalism, morality, feminism, toleration, constitutionalism, Third Way liberalism and considers how the new liberalism’s understanding differs from the old. The Liberal Tradition in Focus will be a valuable addition to the collections of scholars and students of political science and political philosophy.

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