Mauve Gloves & Madmen, Clutter & Vine

New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1976.

Summary from Publisher:

Mauve Gloves & Madmen, Clutter & Vine proves again that Wolfe is a brilliant observer of style who is also a master stylist. He shows, also, the range of his gifts–he can write about aerial combat over North Vietnam (“The Truest Sport: Jousting with Sam and Charlie”) with as much vividness as he can about the stratosphere of Society. His insight, wit, and panache are, in a word, unequaled, and this new book bears witness to the continuing truth of Seymour Krim’s comment about Wolfe’s first book, The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby: “Tom Wolfe is to contemporary American journalism what the early Salinger was to our fiction–delicious, unexpected, fascinating and super-contemporary . . . At times he seems frighteningly capable of doing anything with non-fiction, to the point of creating an entirely new literature by himself.”

And anillustrated literature, on top of that. Wolfe’s drawings have appeared in two one-man shows in New York galleries and in the Amon Carter Museum’s “Two Hundred Years of American Caricature” exhibition, and he has illustrated this book throughout.

Table of Contents:

Stories and Sketches: Mauve Gloves & Madmen, Clutter & Vine
The Man Who Always Peaked Too Soon
The Truest Sport
The Commercial
The Spirit of the Age (and what it longs for)
The Intelligent Coed’s Guide to America
The Me Decade and the Third Great Awakening
Sex and Violence: The Perfect Crime
The Boiler Room and the Computer
Manners, Decor, and Decorum: Funky Chic
Honks and Wonks
The Street Fighters

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