Second Thoughts About The Third World

"Second Thoughts About The Third World," Harper's Magazine, November 1983, p. 34.

For many people the term “Third World” immediately conjures up images of poverty, distress and exploitation. In “Second Thoughts About the Third World” Thomas Sowell, a fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, reminds us that the Third World is no single entity, but a vast and diverse collection of peoples, nations and races at many different stages of economic, political, social and cultural developmentā€¦

This article, taken from Sowell’s book,Ā The Economics and Politics of Race provides a thought-provoking and refreshing look at a subject clouded by ideological intransigence. At the very least it focuses on certain realities that should be considered by all who are troubled about the poverty and suffering of a large part of the world’s population.