Simone de Beauvoir Today

Simone de Beauvoir Today.  Duke Univeristy.  September 23, 2011.

The symposium, held at Duke University in September 23, 2011, commemorated the 25th death anniversary of 20th century’s leading feminist theorist and philosopher Simone de Beauvoir (1908-1986).  Co-sponsored by the Program in Women’s Studies and the Center for Philosophy, Arts, and Literature (PAL), the symposium brought together an interdisciplinary mixture of scholarly voices.  Talks include:
“Reading Simone de Beauvoir Today” – Linda Zerilli, University of Chicago
“What is a Woman” -Stella Sandford, Kingston University
“Living with Other’s Pain”- Ashley King, Duke University
“Sex and Gender” – Emily Apter, NYU
“Speculating the Other Woman”- Ursula Tidd, University of Manchester
“Simone de Beauvoir, Biopolitics, and the Nonsovereign Autonomous Subject” – Ali Mian, Duke University
“Silencing Simone”- Amy Adkins, Duke University