Beauvoir’s Last Revolt by Edward Grossman

Grossman, Edward. “Beauvoir’s Last Revolt.” Commentary, August 1, 1972.


The unrelenting industry of Simone de Beauvoir is astounding, and it is almost as great as that of Sartre. Like her companion, she continues adding to an achievement and a career of a kind that new modes of education, communication, and illiteracy may soon render quaint, if not impossible. Beauvoir, among the earliest women to have haunted the libraries of the Sorbonne after World War I, may turn out to be the last of this formidable breed. Unless illness prevents her, however, she will probably keep on dutifully working and producing until she dies. What she can find as a subject to write about after The Coming of Age is not clear, for this book looks like a culmination; but she will doubtless find something to engage her energy.