Changing Patterns of Military Politics in National Politics

Ed. Huntington, Samuel. Changing Patterns of Military Politics in National Politics. New York: Free Press, 1962.

“This book is a useful, if rather uneven, addition to the growing literature of military politics. As the third volume of the International Yearbook of Political Behavior Research, it exhibits the various contributions which “the newer theoretical and empirical tendencies in political science” are making to the understanding of “the political use of violence” and the relationships which exist between the military and other social institutions. It provides, as a current example of the behavioral approach to political research, considerable evidence of the extent to which research of this sort has become incorporated into the main body of political science. There is little in the subjects, methods, or purposes of these essays and studies to mark them off as distinctly or peculiarly “behavioral.” The general subject matter is, as Heinz Eulau notes in his preface, quite distinct from the sort that has often been associated with behavioral research.”

From a review in Midwest Journal of Political Science, Vol 6, No. 4, Nov. 1962.