Reporting on Religious Persecution: A Global Challenge

Panel discussion at the Newseum Institute, with panelists Katrina Lantos Swett, Libby Liu, Asia Akbar Shahid Ahmed, Former U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, and Tom Gjelten, September 21, 2015, YouTube.

Journalists and activist organizations reporting on the persecution of religious minorities around the world face challenges and dangers. This panel discussion features journalists and human rights groups who will discuss the worldwide threats to religious freedom, and the perils of reporting on those threats.

Welcome: Newseum/Newseum Institute president Jeffrey Herbst

Moderator: Professor Robert George, chair, U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom


• Katrina Lantos Swett, USCIRF commissioner and immediate past chair
• Libby Liu, president, Radio Free Asia
• Akbar Shahid Ahmed, foreign affairs correspondent, The Huffington Post
• Former U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, who now holds the Jerry and Susie Wilson Chair in Religious Freedom at Baylor University
• Tom Gjelten, Religion and beliefs correspondent, National Public Radio

This program is part of Freedom Week. From Sept. 21 to 26, 2015, the Newseum Institute presents a series of programs and special events covering a range of international issues from religious persecution to the wrongful imprisonment of journalists.