Natural Law, Liberalism, and Morality

Oxford University Press, 1996.

Description from Publisher:

This work brings together leading defenders of Natural Law and Liberalism for a series of frank and lively exchanges touching upon critical issues of contemporary moral and political theory. The book is an outstanding example of the engagement of traditions of thought about fundamental matters of ethics and justice.

Table of Contents:

1. Is Natural Law Theory Compatible with Limited Government? by John Finnis
2. Against the Old Sexual Morality of the New Natural Law by Stephen Macedo
3. Is Modern Liberalism Compatible with Limited Government?: The Case of Rawls by Michael P. Zuckert
4. John Rawls’s New Conception of the Problem of Limited Government: Reply to Michael Zuckert by Jeffrey Reiman
5. Judgmental Toleration by Michael J. Sandel
6. Liberty and Trust by Joseph Raz
7. Being Worthy of Trust: A Response to Joseph Raz by Christopher Wolfe
8. Getting Normative: The Role of Natural Rights in Constitutional Adjudication by Randy E. Barnett
9. The Illegitimacy of Appeals to Natural Law in Constitutional Interpretation by Walter Berns
10. The Moral Point of View by Lloyd L. Weinreb
11. Lloyd Weinreb’s Problems with Natural Law by Daniel N. Robinson
12. Good Without God by Michael S. Moore
13. ‘Deus sive Natura’: Must Natural Lawyers Choose? by  J. L. A. Garcia
14. God’s Natural Laws by Charles Taliaferro

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