Reflections on American Diplomacy

"Reflections on American Diplomacy," Daedalus, v91 n4 (Fall, 1962): 717-732.


How does American diplomacy look to a European observer who is well disposed to the United States? I do not feel really qualified to answer this question, posed by my friends of the Daedalus, because I know too many of the men responsible for American policy and have been in Washington too often to share some of the illusions and fears prevailing in Europe. If I were to give my own personal interpretation of “United States diplomacy,” it would probably resemble that of some Americans rather than typify a European point of view. It may be more useful, therefore, to summarize the criticisms most frequently leveled at American diplomacy by various European schools of thought. A discussion of these criticisms may help enlighten American readers about the attitudes of their allies in the Old World.