France in the Cold War

"France in the Cold War," The Political Quarterly, v22 n1 (January 1951): 57-66.


To make it quite clear with what the present article sets out to deal, it is 1st necessary that we should define the term cold war which indiscriminate use has rendered obscure. Fundamentally, a cold war arises from the generalized application throughout the world of those methods whereby a revolutionary party combats and established form of government. Thus, the Bolshevik party, in full possession of the Russian state, is waging war, either directly or through the agency of various communist parties, on all so-called capitalist states (and as such are considered all those governed by non-communists). But it is waging only a limited war, employing every means of aggression short of actual war—though, indeed, as is now seen in Korea, it will resort also to war so long as it is not general war.

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