Alternation in Government in the Industrialized Countries

"Alternation in Government in the Industrialized Countries,"  Government and Opposition, v17 n1 (1982): 3-21.


” I must confess that I did not choose the subject of this article out of theoretical or scientific interest. My dreams have not been peopled by the merits of replacing one team by another in government. It was Françoise Mitterand’s  election to the presidency of the French Republic to which I reacted in a way that I shall not conceal from you: alternation in governments is not in itself a blessing. Let us admit that it is desirable in general and in the abstract that, where a country is divided between two blocs, each of them should someday come to power, one of them should not be condemned to the ungrateful role of perpetual opposition. But having said that, we should not change governments unless the new one holds out more hope than the old.”

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