Raymond Aron’s Peace and War, Thirty Years Later

Bryan-Paul Frost, "Raymond Aron's Peace and War, Thirty Years Later," International Journal, v51 n2 (Spring, 1996): 339-361.


“In 1966, Raymond Aron’s peace and war: a theory of international relations 1st appeared in English. On like the almost universal acclaim it’s received in France 5 years earlier, its North American debut met with mixed reviews. Immediate reactions ranged from Henry Kissinger’s claim that Aron had “sets a new standard. No book on such a vast subject can be final; what’s henceforth, international theorizing will require reference to Aron”  to Hans Morgenthau’s  polite dismissal of the book as a “contribution to the advancement of theoretical knowledge,” although he did admit that it contained “political analysis of the very 1st order.” Longer studies only confirmed of the mixed reaction of the initial reviews.”