Pierre Manent’s Common Political Science

Ryan Shinkel. "Pierre Manent’s Common Political Science." University Bookman, Fall 2015.


Manent is maybe the greatest political philosopher you have not heard of before and should read nonetheless. This Parisian has written several books on political science and intellectual history, from Tocqueville and the Nature of Democracy (1996) to Metamorphoses of the City: On the Western Dynamic (2013), which analyzes the history of political forms after the death of the polis.

Seeing Things Politically, a new philosophical and autobiographical interview series with Bénédicte Delorme-Montini, revolves around Manent’s “three poles of human life”—philosophy, religion, and politics. Topics range from 1968 Paris, his mentor Allan Bloom, and political forms, to whether Neo-Scholasticism can provide a coherent political philosophy (to which Manent answers no). In contrast to an apolitical Thomism, Manent articulates an Aristotelian political science: how we can deliberate and act in common with an understanding of historical political experience.

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