The Negro American

Glazer, Nathan. "The Negro American." The Public Interest, 1966.

Excerpt: The two issues of Daedalus (Fall, 1965 and Winter, 1966) devoted to “The Negro American” provide as excellent a guide to our peculiar problem today as one could reasonably hope for. The two issues contain twenty-six articles, and a lengthy transcript of a conference in which some of them were discussed. The great majority of the participants are, of course, professors; but many of them have played an active role in the civil rights movement and in government, and speak as men of affairs as well as scholars. In addition, there are articles from independent researchers, psychiatrists, and leaders of civil-rights organizations; and there are two articles from high federal officials that were clearly not written by speech writers or research departments, and suggest, intriguingly, that we may have a new type on the American scene, the administrator-scholar-thinker.

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