- Protevi, John. “Foucault.” Materials for Foucault Courses, Department of French Studies, Louisiana State University.
[Material for courses on Foucault]

The Foucault Society

- The Foucault Society.
[A comprehensive site for bibliographies, biographies, conferences and events, and commentary]

Foucault, Info

- "Foucault, Info."
[Free Access to a large selection of excerpted texts; links; and some commentary]

Michel Foucault

- Taylor, Laurie, Stephen Shapiro, Vikki Bell, and Lois McNay. “Michel Foucault.” Thinking Allowed. January 1, 2015.

Foucault, Subjectivity and Truth

- Elden, Stuart. “Foucault, Subjectivity and Truth.” Talk delivered at the Centre for Critical Theory, University of Nottingham, November 12, 2014.

Introduction to Foucault

- Thorsby, Mark. “Introduction to Foucault.” November 19, 2013.
[Online presentation on “Governmentality” and “The Body of the Condemned,” Discipline and Punish]

Foucault on Power and Punishment

- Alwan, Wes, Mark Linsenmayer, Katie McIntyre, and Seth Paskin. “Episode 49: Foucault on Power and Punishment.” The Partially Examined Life. Published January 11, 2012.  

Key Thinkers: Michel Foucault Parts 1 and 2

- Frow, John. “Key Thinkers: Michel Foucault Parts 1 and 2.” Key Thinkers series, University of Melbourne, 2009.  
Two lectures delivered at the University of Melbourne as part of the Key Thinkers series, 2009

Foucault across the Disciplines

- “Foucault across the Disciplines.” National Conference on Foucault’s thought at the University of California, Santa Cruz, March 1–2, 2008.
[Audio files]

Foucault: The Disappearance of the Human

- Roderick, Rick. “Foucault: The Disappearance of the Human.” Part 6 of an 8-part video lecture series, The Self under Siege: Philosophy in the Twentieth Century (1993).

Michel Foucault Audio Archive Home

- Foucault, Michel. “Michel Foucault Audio Archive Home.” Library, University of California, Berkeley. 1976-1984.
A host site for audio lectures and discussions in English and French.