A Companion to Foucault

Falzon, Christopher, Timothy O’Leary and Jana Sawicki. A Companion to Foucault. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Limited, 2013.

For close to half a century, the innovative thought of French philosopher and social critic Michel Foucault has exercised an enormous influence across a wide range of disciplines, and continues to be widely debated in intellectual circles. A Companion to Foucault is the most extensive and up-to-date anthology of explorations of his work currently available. Featuring essays from a wide range of established and emerging Foucault scholars, chapters address various thematic aspects of his major works, including his recently published courses at the Collège de France. Additional essays consider his writings on such topics as knowledge and critique, power and government, sex and gender, and ethics and modernity, as well as on religion, race, and the environment. Also featured is the first full translation of Daniel Defert’s Chronology of Foucault’s life and works from Dits et écrits, along with a comprehensive bibliography of the philosopher’s shorter works in English, cross-referenced to the standard French edition. Indispensable in its own right, A Companion to Foucault sheds important new light on one of the major twentieth-century figures in the world of ideas.


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