Martin Diamond’s Legacy

Daniel J. Elazar. "Martin Diamond's Legacy." Publius 8.3 (Summer 1978): 1-5.


Martin Diamond’s principle legacy to all Americans and to all people everywhere is his revival of serious consideration of the political philosophy of the American founding fathers. While historians and others had never really forsaken the study of the American founding as an historical event—some, like Charles Beard, J. Allen Smith, and Richard Hofstadter, had been responsible for distorting its fundamental meaning for recent generations—it remained for Diamond to make us all aware of its important political and philosophic teaching. After he, himself, rediscovered the basic principles of that teaching and their importance, he devoted his life to uncovering its reasoned basis and communicating his own carefully gained knowledge to the rest of us. He did so in order to restore our understanding and appreciation of the American regime and to renew our understanding and practice of true political science.