Martin Diamond as a Classroom Teacher by Edmund Carlson

Edmund D. Carlson. "Martin Diamond as a Classroom Teacher: A Personal Reminiscence." The Political Science Reviewer 28.1 (Fall 1999): 21-26.


Some thirty years ago I first entered a classroom animated and taught by Martin Diamond. With possibly one exception, he remains in my estimation the most effective classroom teacher I have ever observed in more than 38 years as a student myself and, for some twenty-six years, as a member of college faculties. In May of 1966, Martin Diamond was honored on the cover of Time magazine as one of the top college teachers in America, though this reminds me of a story he used to tell of one who was speaking to the public and was greatly surprised that the crowd suddenly yelled and cheered its approval. He leaned to a friend and asked, “what did I say that was so wrong?” He was a master in the classroom using a unique mixture of theoretical insights and practical observations to pull the student along toward at least clearer opinions and, for the very best, toward solid understanding.

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