Speaking of Literature and Society

Trilling, Diana, ed. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1980.

Summary: “Diana Trilling selected pieces from her husband’s previously uncollected writings covering the wide range of Trilling’s concerns from his undergraduate days through his final years.”


The Poems of Emily Brontë (1924)
A Study of Terror-Romanticism (1927)
Cities of the Plain (1928)
Another Jewish Problem Novel (1929)
Flawed Instruments (1930)
The Promise of Realism (1930)
The Social Emotions (1930)
D.H. Lawrence: A Neglected Aspect (1930)
The Problem of the American Artist (1930)
The Changing Myth of the Jew (1930?)
Carlyle (1932)
The Coleridge Letters (1933)
The Autonomy of the Literary Work (1934)
Politics and the Liberal (1934)
Willa Cather (1937)
Marxism in Limbo (1937)
The America of John Dos Passos (1938)
Evangelical Criticism (1938)
The Situation in American Writing: Seven Questions (1939)
Hemingway and His Critics (1939)
The Victorians and Democracy (1940)
The Unhappy Story of Sinclair Lewis (1940)
Literature and Power (1940)
T.S. Eliot’s Politics (1940)
An American in Spain (1941)
The Wordsworths (1942)
The Progressive Psyche (1942)
Artists and the “Societal Function” (1942)
M., W., F. at 10 (1942)
Under Forty (1944)
The Head and Heart of Henry James (1944)
Sermon on a Text from Whitman (1945)
The Problem of Influence (1945)
Making Men More Human (1945)
Neurosis and the Health of the Artist (1947)
Treason in the Modern World (1948)
Family Album (1948)
The State of Our Culture: Expostulation and Reply (1948)
Orwell on the Future (1949)
Fitzgerald Plain (1951)
An American View of English Literature (1951)
The Formative Years (1953)
The Years of Maturity (1955)
Social Actualities (1956)
The Person of the Artist (1957)
Last Years of a Titan (1957)
Communism and Intellectual Freedom (1958)
Proust as Critic and the Critic as Novelist (1958)
The Last Lover (1958)
Reflections on a Lost Cause: English Literature and American Education (1958)
Paradise Reached For (1959)
The Assassination of Leon Trotsky (1960)
An American Classic (1960)
Yeats as Critic (1961)
A Comedy of Evil (1961)
Literature Pathology (1962)
A Valedictory (1964)
On Irony: An Addendum (1968)
Appendix: Lionel Trilling: A Jew at Columbia, by Diana Trilling