Courses Taught

Courses Taught:

St. John’s College
Sophomore Laboratory (Biology)
Freshman Seminar (Great Books, Greeks)
Preceptorials on:
Aristotle, De Anima
Darwin, Origin of Species
Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics

Georgetown University
Philosophy of Nature: The Organism

For National Endowment of Humanities
Humanities Seminars for Health Professionals: Human Being and Citizen (August, 1975)
Man, Nature, and Morality (July, 1979)

University of Chicago
Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics*
Plato, Symposium*
Philosophy of Nature: The Organism*
Philosophy of Nature: Lucretius*
The Human Passions
Science and Society: Knowledge, Morals, and Power
Human Being and Citizen**
Rousseau, Discourse on the Origin of Inequality*
Philosophy of Nature: Purpose and Form*
Genesis* (also, graduate tutorial)
Aristotle, De Anima (graduate seminar)
The Meaning of Darwinism
Human Beginnings: Genesis and Rousseau
Science and Inquiry: Descartes and Plato
Descartes: Discourse on the Method
Nature: Aristotle and Descartes (graduate seminar)
Nature and Custom: Civility (graduate seminar)
Classical Geometry and Its Transformations
Tolstoy, War and Peace (with Amy A. Kass)
Ethics of Everyday Life: Courtship* (with Amy A. Kass)
Law and Legislator: Exodus (graduate seminar)
Science and Morals: Friends or Foes?
Plato, Meno (graduate seminar)
Biotechnology and the Human Future
Melville, Moby Dick (with Amy A. Kass)

*graduate-and-undergraduate seminar
**freshman common-core humanities-and-social science course, yearlong