Interview on “NOW with Bill Moyers”

“NOW with Bill Moyers,” PBS, July 25, 2003.


ANNOUNCER: Tonight on NOW WITH BILL MOYERS: Congress defies the FCC decision to give big media more power.

BURR: I think we ought to err on the side of looking out for the American people, and not necessarily for the corporations who have the most to gain.

ANNOUNCER: And nearly two years after the tragedy of 9/11, new revelations about the attacks, and new questions about what the CIA and FBI knew.

CLELAND: It’s terrifying to me that three or four disparate elements of our government in the so-called intelligence community couldn’t even share that intelligence and couldn’t even communicate that to one another.

ANNOUNCER: 9/11 Commission member Max Cleland.

And new insights from the book of Genesis.

KASS: You don’t have to be a Jew or a Christian to believe that we are in touch with powers of inspiration that summon us.

ANNOUNCER: Ethicist Leon Kass, a Bill Moyers interview.