Stop All Cloning of Humans For Four Years

Wall Street Journal, July 11, 2002.


For the past five years, the prospect of human cloning has been the subject of much public attention and sharp moral debate. Several mammalian species have been cloned; the first cloned human embryos have been created; and fertility specialists at home and abroad have announced their intention to clone the first human child.

For the past six months, the President’s Council on Bioethics has met to consider the moral, biomedical, and human significance of human cloning and to advise President Bush on what to do about it. We have sought to examine the subject in full by considering the human goods that cloning might serve or endanger — not just whether the technique is feasible or safe — and by considering cloning’s place in our expanding biotechnical powers over human life. And we have considered various public policy options that might give effect to our ethical judgments and provide a prudent course of action, permitting science to flourish while preserving moral boundaries.

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