In Memory of Amy Kass

Gertrude Himmelfarb, The Weekly Standard, August 20, 2015.


As Amy personified that meeting of mind and heart, so did her marriage with Leon. Most marriages, it is my impression—very good marriages—are complementary, husband and wife bringing different talents and qualities to the marriage, different means to a harmonious end. Amy and Leon were alike, in means and end, in mind, and heart. This is evident not only in their personal lives but in the books they collaborated on, the seminars and meetings they presided over, their joint courses at the university. If they sometimes differed in approaching a subject, it was only to make their common conclusion more compelling. I have witnessed and been amused by this again and again in our dinner conversations. They might start by offering a somewhat different interpretation of a book or event, but only to reconcile that difference by dessert time.

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